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Structural Editing

Deep structure jobs usually happen in three stages:

1) Developing a New Outline

What does the book need to contain in order to accomplish its goals? What order do these materials need to go in, for maximum clarity and effectiveness? Once we’ve set up a good outline, we can reorganize the existing manuscript materials to fit the new structural template.

2) Additional Writing

I guide the author toward developing the materials needed to make the manuscript read like a complete, accessible, satisfying book. Some of this could begin immediately: I can give you some quick assignments to get you started. Other parts of this process will take place along the way, as we’re getting into the details of specific topics.

3) Careful Cutting

Once the above two steps are completed, it will be possible to chop some material that’s become obsolete, in order for your book to be as lean and powerful as possible.

Every project is different, so please reach out for a consultation!

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