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Stratford author ‘totally stunned’ by book’s award.... She gives credit to her editor Matthew Godden... 'It was pretty well thanks to him and all his efforts and encouraging me to go on.'

London Free Press / Stratford Beacon Herald

What My Clients Say

I went to Matthew with a pile of notes and a bunch of jumbled ideas. With his suggestions and direction, I was able to develop a strong outline for a novel. His comments guide me to be a better writer and storyteller, which has had a profound effect on the quality of my work. I am grateful, as well, for Matthew’s communication style. He is sensitive and considerate with his feedback, while in no way holding back on those areas that could be improved upon. I will continue to seek his sharp counsel with future writing projects.

My working relationship with Matthew started four years ago when I tentatively submitted my first book for editing. Very kindly and patiently he helped me to see how the characters could be further developed and diligently worked to improve my grammar and sentence structure. His encouragement helped me believe in myself as a writer, and never did his comments make me feel belittled. Not only did he point out areas where I could make improvements, he also praised those paragraphs he felt were particularly well written. Five books on (with a sixth in the works), his comments and revisions have helped me to recognize those areas that I need to pay particular attention to, and have ultimately helped me become a better writer.

The excellent editing I’ve received from Matthew has greatly enhanced the quality of my reports and increased my credibility vis-a-vis my clients, which has allowed me to secure more consulting contracts.

Your skill, objectivity and diligence were of great value to me. You insisted on a very high standard while remaining enthusiastic and encouraging about my work.

Your literary expertise, passion and dedication were instrumental in helping me complete a novel which I’m very proud of.

What impressed me most about working with Matthew was how he asked the insightful questions that allowed me to answer them in my own creative way, ultimately improving my work.

Matthew Godden of Godden Editorial, Writer & Editor

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